Welcome to Tea Leaf Theatre 

l      Tea Leaf              – Green tea, black tea, white tea or red tea; they all come from the same tea leaf. It’s what you do with it that differs.

l      Natural                – We maintain to be natural in this man-made society.

l      In/fusion              – We create a fusion, not elsewhere but right inside the different societies

l      Tea                      – We should be from the formal “Japanese Tea Ceremony” to the casual “Would you like a cup of tea?” to the audience

l      Thief                    – We are not apologetic about stealing other people’s good ideas in order to maximize the audience’s enjoyment


Our aim is to educate and supply entertainment to society through theatrical media such as “Story telling on stage” “Physical Theatre” “Use of musicians” and “Use of high-technology”.

Our unique difference is that we have a close connection with Japanese culture.

We aim to introduce Japanese culture and society to western society. We seek to build a bridge between British people and Japanese people through theatrical experiences. In order to achieve the company goal, we make sure that every production has both elements of Japan and Britain in a form of its stories, direction, presentation, music, performers and locations.


We believe in the power of entertainment. We aim to provide a short-time escape (oasis) to this materialised society.